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(L5) Coastal Kayaking Rough Water Maneuvering, Towing and Rescue

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Rough Water Maneuvering, Towing, and Rescue

This course is designed by Gennifer Gatan (BC Advanced Sea Leader, ACA L4 OWCK) and Laura Zulliger (L5 AOWCK) to help you take your rescues, towing and maneuvers from L4 to L5 conditions. We will seek out conditions to practice how to preserve efficiency and technique as the wind, waves, and current amp up. Plus towing and rescuing in these dynamic environments all while matching the best technique for the given situation. While we can’t guarantee L5 conditions, your coaches will creatively amplify the challenge to simulate advanced conditions.

We’ll also discuss strategies for managing team dynamics during complex rescues in the L5 environment.

Course Prerequisites: Completion of an open water course and proficiency and experience in executing all strokes, maneuvers and techniques in open water. A reliable roll and the ability to successfully peer and self rescue in L4 conditions is required. Previous L4 skills assessment is highly recommended.

Minimum Enrollment: 3; Maximum Enrollment: 6

Please Note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental. We offer boat and gear rentals for students.