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(L3) Open Coast Skill Building – 2 Day

Quick Details


Designed for paddlers preparing for an L3 Coastal Kayaking assessment, this 2-day course will support you in rounding-out your L3 skills, ensuring they’re tight in conditions and strengthening your understanding of the coastal-paddling environment.

Fresh and whitewater kayakers of equal skill who are looking to expand into coastal kayaking are also welcome. Please inquire.

In the course, we’ll emphasize:

  • dialing-in and refining core strokes, maneuvers and rescues
  • growing in effective use of edging and support strokes
  • increasing the ability to maneuver efficiently and maintain directional control in wind, waves and current
  • sharpening environmental awareness and – contextual decision-making
  • being safe and having fun!

Be prepared for 2 full days on the water.

Day 1

We’ll focus on solidifying foundations, honing your understanding of and feel for using your body, boat and blade to maximize boat control, go where you want to go, and execute rescues for yourself or another.

Day 2

We’ll look to utilize these skills in waters at the upper bound of L3 conditions. More advanced deep water rescue skills may be introduced.

Throughout the course, we’ll take advantage of the surroundings, weather and water conditions to examine the selection of paddling location and route.

The course will operate in up to the following conditions:

  • 15 kt winds
  • 1-2 ft waves
  • 1-2 kts current
  • 1-2 ft surf

Each day’s venue and emphasis may vary, based on presenting conditions.

Class size is limited to 6 in order to facilitate strong paddler development within the group setting. We’ll maintain a waitlist in case of any cancellation.

This training is being taught by Kate Dresher and Todd Johnstone-Wright. The course is part of Kate’s continued development toward ACA L3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor certification. She’s being supported in this process by Todd. They’re excited to be offering this skills development training together and look forward to seeing you on the water.