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Womxn’s Whitewater IV+ Race Training Clinic | BigFork, Montana

Quick Details

The Cali Collective Spring Whitewater Roadshow hits the race circuit in Montana!

Bigfork 1st Place finisher, Darby McAdams, shares her skills and knowledge of the ins-and-outs of racing whitewater at this year’s Big Fork Whitewater Festival. The clinic will be held on the Wild Mile section of the Swan River. The coaches will go over strategy, technique and how to paddle fast and safe.

Requirements: Participants must be comfortable paddling in Class IV/V with a bombproof roll. Please note: This is not a step-up to class IV/V clinic.

If you are unsure of which clinic you should sign up for, please read through our Paddling Skill Level Self-Assessment.

  • Womxn’s Race Training Clinic | BigFork, MT | 2 hours | May 24, 2024 | Donation

This is a donation-based clinic but pre-registration is required to participate. Students under 18 years of age please contact us BEFORE REGISTERING for prior approval.

In association with Bigfork Whitewater Festival.