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(L5) Rough Water Skills Clinic

Quick Details


By understanding the importance of effectively combining technical and tactical skills – what stroke/maneuver/technique to use when – the Rough Water Skills Clinic will help build efficient paddling skills appropriate to the conditions, and to do so with intentionality and ease.

It also aims to help develop better boat control handling and personal performance, to aid with the kayaker’s journey to self-sufficiency.

As the course setting is in the dynamic waters of the San Francisco Golden Gate area, we will plan to utilize the natural challenges presented by the environment – swell, current, wind, seas or surf – to further optimize our learning in the open water environments.*

This course will be led by Gennifer Gatan with support from Todd Johnstone-Wright.

* Advanced environments potentially: 3-5’ seas, 15k+ winds, 4-5k current.


All learners must have proven experience paddling and performing rescues in moderate water environments, in preparation to develop personal skills in advanced open water environments.**

** Moderate environments: 2-4’ seas, 15-20k winds, 2-4k current, 2-4’ surf.