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(L4) Tidal Currents & Rough Water Clinic

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Learn how to interpret current flow information

This class is intended for sea kayakers who are looking to develop the practical skills and understanding of tides and currents needed to paddle safely in highly tidal waters such as San Francisco Bay, and to get well-supported rough water experience and practice in the Yellow Bluff tide race. This class will be led by coaches Gennifer Gatan and Mary Ann King.

In this class, students will learn how to interpret current flow information for San Francisco Bay, and how to apply this knowledge strategically to a paddling destination while monitoring effects of the current on your progress. If conditions allow we will cross to Angel Island, utilizing ranges and other piloting techniques. These are essential skills for safe paddling in the Bay! After lunch, in the Yellow Bluff tide race, students will get the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental paddling techniques used in fast current, including peel outs, eddy catching, and ferry gliding. For those who are interested, playing in the rough water and waves of the tide race, will be supported and encouraged! This is an excellent opportunity to push your limits with a strong safety net.

Prerequisites: L3 Coastal Kayak Skills Development or equivalent, and recent paddling experience. Comfort with wet exits, as well as both self and assisted rescues, is essential. A combat roll is encouraged but NOT required.

Minimum Enrollment: 2; Maximum Enrollment: 6

  • (L4) Tidal Currents & Rough Water Clinic | Sausalito, CA | December 4, 2022 | $149 USD

Please Note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental. We offer boat and gear rentals for students.