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(L4) Intro to Surf Zone

Quick Details


This class is for sea kayakers and whitewater kayakers who are looking for an introduction to maneuvering in the surf zone.

Kayaking in the surf is incredibly fun and a necessary step in learning how to navigate safely around the open coast. You’ll notice your paddling in all areas improve after practicing in the dynamic water of the surf zone. We will hone key strokes and braces. We’ll dive into wave dynamics and beach characteristics and how to identify hazards. We will practice launching and landing through the surf zone safely, bracing on breaking waves and holding position. If time allows, we’ll also get into the first stages of sea kayak surfing.

Recommended Prerequisite: L3 Coastal Kayak Skills Development or equivalent, and recent paddling experience. Comfort with wet exits, as well as basic familiarity with both self and assisted rescues, is essential.

The class will take place at either Dillon Beach, Bolinas, or Princeton Jetty depending on conditions.

Please note: Cost does not include kayak and gear rental. If you need to rent a kayak, you can rent one for the class for the cost of $39.