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Intro to Surf Kayaking (Short Boat)

Quick Details


Discover how amazing it can be to catch a wave in the ocean!

This clinic covers the basics from technique to etiquette and how to have fun and navigate effectively in the surf zone. The clinic begins with an individual assessment of each participant – comfort and confidence in the water, including swimming ability and general fitness. We will go through all the necessary equipment- kayak, paddle and personal gear to insure everyone is outfitted properly and dressed for success! Beginning on the beach, we’ll assess surf conditions, how to read the sets, beach positioning and setting boundaries, rip currents and surf zone dangers.

Once it’s time head out, we will address launching and how to use a rip, timing, punching through waves, tackling the soup, how to handle dumping waves and how far out to go. Out on the water, we will work on essential paddling skills, including positioning, effective paddle strokes, takeoff, riding the wave, bracing, side surfing, capsizing and swimming.

With a 3:1 student to instructor ratio, each participant will receive individual attention and goal setting based on their skill set and experience Participants may paddle either a hardshell kayak (surf or whitewater) or a sit on top kayak, depending on paddling experience and comfort level. As a general rule, a paddler must have their “roll” better than 70% of the time to paddle a closed-deck kayak.

Location: Most likely Bolinas but subject to change depending on conditions.

Recommended Pre-requisite: A consistent roll is nice to have but not required. Previous paddling experience either in whitewater or sea kayaks is required. This class is great for whitewater kayakers looking for an introduction to the surf!

Please note: Kayaks and meals are not included. You are welcome to use whitewater kayaks for this class and we have 2 sit-on-top Dagger Kaos surf kayak available for use. Please inquire!