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Incident Mitigation & Management Class with Ashley Brown & Jeff Atkins

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2-Day Incident Mitigation & Management Clinic

Although, the best rescue is the one that never has to happen, when you do ultimately meet an incident you’ll need a response that’s safe and efficient. This clinic is designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers who often initiate or guide trips. It is also suitable for aspiring or existing instructors.  We will look at common incidents that occur when paddling in a group and how to handle them before they compound and get out of control. We will look at useful gear and necessary skills like rescues, towing, first aid, signaling and calling for help. As important, we will also look at how good risk assessment and proper planning to mitigate risk can help us avoid problems.

Prerequisites: Solid flat water rescue skills and rough water paddling comfort. Students should be able to perform rescues including solo re-entries and towing techniques that already work well in flat water.

Location & Timing: We will meet at and launch from Horseshoe Cove (Sausalito, CA), and seek authentic incidents  in authentic conditions for you to manage (most likely venturing out the Gate)! We will begin at  9.00am. We will be off the water by 4.00pm and wrapped up by 4.30pm.

Price: $280 (Minimum enrollment 4; Maximum enrollment​ 8)

This course will be taught by Ashley Brown (L5 AOWCK Instructor, L4 OWCK IT) & Jeff Atkins (L5 AOWCK Instructor, L3 OWCK ITE) of Wavepaddler.