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ACA L5 Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor Certification Workshop & Update

Quick Details

L5 ICW Candidate
L5 Update Candidate

Interested in becoming an American Canoe Association L5 Instructor and stepping up your leadership and coaching skills in dynamic coastal environments?

The Bay Area is one of the best classrooms for leveling up and building confidence as an L5 instructor and coach. This 4-day ICW is open to L4 candidates ready to begin their path to L5 with a development workshop, current L5 coaches looking for an update, and coaches ready to certify.

We’ve timed this workshop to take place during a period of large swell, fast currents, and quick-changing weather which will provide us with robust conditions required for training and certification at the L5 level:

  • Surf of at least 4 foot (1.2 meters)
  • Current at least 4 knots
  • Wind at least 15 knots
  • Waves (chop) of at least 3 foot (1 meter)

This ICW is offered by California Watersport Collective and led by Ryan Rushton (L5 AOWCK Instructor Trainer Educator, L5 AOWCK Instructor) with assistance by Laura Zulliger (L5 AOWCK Instructor, L4 OWCK Instructor Trainer Candidate).

We’ll dive into coaching in L5 conditions/environments, techniques, and maneuvers all while learning and honing pedagogical approaches both on and off the water.  For full detail, please review the ACA’s L5 Instructor Criteria thoroughly.

Pre-requisites: In order to participate as a candidate, you will need to: Be an existing Level 4 Coastal Kayak Instructor seeking to upgrade to Level 5

WHERE: Presidio Yacht Club (Travis Marina), Sausalito, CA

COST: $599 for new candidates, $499 for updating candidates (Minimum enrollment: 3, Maximum enrollment: 6)

L5 Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayak ICW | Marin, CA | February 9-12, 2024 | $599 USD

Please note: Cost does not include food, accommodation, kayak and gear rental. We have a fleet of kayaks available for candidates flying to the Bay Area for our instructor programs. Kayaks must be reserved well in advance. Please contact us to reserve a kayak.