Wavehaven Glass

Haven Livingston

Company Owner, Artist, Writer, Biologist


By definition, mosaics are the combining of broken or partial objects to create a whole image. Wavehaven Glass mosaics are made of stained glass, vitreous glass tile, stone and other small objects.


Though stained glass is most commonly used for its transparency, this application plays to the glass’ inherent colors and patterns with some reflection from the mounting board behind it. Working with stained glass is part sculpture and part painting. The crux of creation is choosing from existing colors and patterns of glass and then cutting and arranging them to shape an image. All of the components are cut and shaped by hand and each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art.


Haven Livingston is a California based artist, writer and biologist. She draws inspiration from the light and colors experienced by a life lived outside.  When asked how she comes up with ideas for her work she said, “Sometimes the image comes first and I find the glass to match, other times I find amazing pieces of glass and play with them until an image emerges. A lot of the stained glass I use is scrap discarded by other artists or window companies. This is the beauty of mosaic – to create something beautiful out of broken pieces.”


You can find Wavehaven Glass on Facebook, Instagram or email Haven directly at wavehaven@yahoo.com.