Mountain Folk’s Broth Co

Gretchen Dunbar

Company Owner, Chef & Nutrition Counselor


Mountain Folk’s Broth Co. is a bone broth start up in Northern California. Born out of the dream of a Clinical Nutritionist who when working with and educating patients wanted a ‘superfood’ to thoroughly aid in the healing of the variety of conditions she was seeing. In reflection she found herself recommending bone broth so frequently that she had to take her work one step further to make this therapeutic food for the patients she was seeing, as well as her active community.

Mountain Folks Broth Co.

Cultivating ancient nourishment for modern folk is Mountain Folk’s mission! Bone broth dates back to the Stone Age from where it weaves its way through history; simmering in bamboo tubes in Asia and and in clay or pitch lined baskets of the Native Americas. A once lengthy task, now manifests itself in a crockpot upon the counter or in a cauldron upon stovetop. Still, this broth holds its deep nourishment, strength, power and invincibility. Crafting this nourishing food is our passion. We use it in the treatment of many ailments from the seasonal flu to digestive disorders, as a pre and post workout meal, as well as on those good ol’ run down days. With the knowledge gathered from half a decade of simmering bone broth in our homes we are excited to bring this medicinal food to Northern California’s diet!


Gretchen has been a clinical nutritionist and health educator throughout her adulthood. She works to bring clarity to her clients’ relationships with nutrition and healthy lifestyle; with clarity through education comes intuition and a true connection to the body’s needs. She is a native to the Coloma/Lotus valley and is happy to be back after receiving her Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. As a foothill barefooted child you can find her in her garden, wild-crafting, enjoying a good vinyasa or yin yoga & surely paddling or pursuing one of the many sports which keep her happy living in rural Northern California.

mountain folks broth co

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