Mantra Threads

Jayme Zupo

Company Owner, Mom, Graphic Designer & Yoga Instructor

Mantra Threads

Mantra Threads, a conscious clothing company, was born out of the belief that what we wear on our bodies influences how we feel. From the vendors we use to how each mantra is selected, designed, printed and delivered, each step of our brand’s journey is carefully considered and ethically carried out.


When you wear one of our mantras, you’ll feel empowered and supported. That powerful message will be shared with everyone whose path you cross, creating meaningful connections one mantra at a time.


Jayme Zupo, a mom, wife, mystic, yoga teacher and graphic designer, set out to transform her own life. during a challenging time, she discovered the strength and support of mantras and began to design them as part of her own healing process. A good friend encouraged her to create a brand so that she could share her mantras with the world.


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