Kayla Lopez Art

Kayla Lopez

Artist, adventurer, photographer


Designer of our new CWWC logo, Kayla Lopez is a California based multi-medium artist. Her artwork blurs the line between artist and adventurer. Creating in parallel with her passion for whitewater kayaking, she seeks to evoke thrill and instill a desire for exploration.

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The substance of her work oozes through paints, drawings, designs and videos. She has experience in logos, banners and designs for apparel. Kayla can also be caught creating portrait sketches, paintings and digital illustrations daily.


While growing up in a small mountain town next to the Trinity River, Kayla was always inspired to scribble on every piece of paper that crossed her path. This process grew as she did and later studies art at the University of Santa Cruz, California. Her intention is to create a conversation between nature and people by her exploration through adventure sports.


You can connect with Kayla and find her work on her website https://www.kaylalopezartwork.com, on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/kaylalopez and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kaylalopezart/.